Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Truth and the Tea Party vs the Anti-American Far Left Media Complex

In the wake of this movie house massacre by a deranged individual, just like the Tucson Az massacre shooting, the far left media complex of course attacks and targets, thus blames the Tea Party / Reagan Constitutional Conservatives and Republicans for all of it, regardless of the facts and truth that it is a lie.

We are, and will always be the target of the far left anti-American media complex to be used as a point of focus, aka a villain. Hitler used the very same tactic against the Jews as a scapegoat.

This is their goal to destroy us, freedom, and liberty in an open democratic society. These anti-American liberal statist propagandist puppets are in every area and avenue of the media complex, whom have forsaken any sense of established journalistic integrity that they might have even ever remotely had at one point in time, if they even had any at all to begin with.

They are thus the marxist pawns of the radical far left hierarchy and echelon that dictates to them that their leftist ideology and vision of a future American Marxist State are the only things that matters.

This is all for the public to make them perceive the lie as the truth, to make the public their willing accomplice.

But in a free democratic society, there comes a point in time where the public is either aware of, acknowledges, and understands the truth after countless examples of liberal media biased lies and propagandist attempts to paint the peaceful Tea Party people and movement as something they're not, ie; racist and violent.. Along with over a year of exact opposite examples of violence, anarchy, rapes, assaults, rioting, and property destruction riots from and by the "Occupy Wall Street" crowd.

In other words, if they cannot, or will not see the truth for what it is in reality, then the public as a whole are doomed to their fate of eventual self-inflicted enslavement by those they choose to ignore.

The public as a whole must either acknowledges the facts and truth of the liberal media complex of projectionist lies and propaganda, and thus disbelieve everything they say and do, or remain apathetic, indifferent, and or ignorant to the truth and facts of that truth, thus become part of the radical anti-American movement complex of the far left.

Either way, the patriotic American Reagan Constitutional Conservative Tea Party folks must never give in and capitulate, for that prospect will only end in the complete collapse of our Republic as a free democratic society.