Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Liberal Progressive Obama-lite Republicrat RINO, or a Radical anti-American Liberal Progressive Obamacrat. This is our Choice. Is this the best we, the American People can do

President Ronald Reagan was a Constitutional Conservative Republican who put his Country and Constitution before Republican Party politics, saved America from not just economic, but political ruin. He saved the Republican Party from it’s own selfish liberal progressive path of destruction. And what did the liberal progressive establishment Republicans, aka RINO’s do, they tried to destroy Ronald Reagan’s people, policies, agenda, and historical facts and truths, as much as Obama and his anti-American Obamacratic liberal army is trying to do, or co-opt it to their political advantage with the American people.

This is the truth about the GOP establishment, that have made Mr Mass Liberal progressive RINO Romney their leader, for which they have currently succeeded in destroying any and all Reagan conservatives for the Republican Party Nomination.

If you were to live on one end of the political spectrum-  either being completely on the Constitutional Individual Freedom and Liberty Conservative Right, or the complete socialist-marxist communist authoritarian tyrannical oppressive liberal Left, which would you choose.. Thus I contend, the more you move to the left, the worse it is. One can live without a job and property, but not without his or her Freedom and Liberty, as a job and property can always be regained, but once you have lost your Freedom and Liberty, it will never return and you will have lost everything, because if the govt can givith, the govt can takith away.  If they, the govt. promises you anything if you give up your Constitutional Freedoms and Liberties and Rights, eg;  give you a free house, car, and a job, well, what happens when they come to take it away, and you have no recourse due to no Constitutional protected Freedoms and Rights. You have essentially signed away your life and became a slave to the State.

There is no such thing as the political center or middle ground of being moderate, aka compromise, as any compromise of Freedoms and Liberties is not without it's consequences, and those compromises can result in the complete lose of your Freedom and Liberty, and all at the hands of those whom you have elected, which is why Reagan always stated and stipulated - Trust but Verified.  In other words, it's the people who must be vigilant in watching and inspecting those whom you have entrusted with the responsibilities of governing. Just look at what the liberals did in the 111th Congress under Pelosi and Reid, and Obama in the White House after the 2008 election, they both conspired against the American people, and got away with all they did, regardless of the objections of the majority of the American people, aka the "Will of the People"  was violated. and now we are fightig for our very Freedoms and Liberties each day until we can repeal and undo all that was done to destroy our Freedoms and Liberties and the US Constitution by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. This is why elections have consequences.

Even the people under the rule of the British Monarchy understood this point, and thus forced the Monarchy to be restricted in their power over the people in the Magna Charter, and other such documents over time. Now, the British Monarchy is no longer in power and control, but has bowed to the Parliamentary system, and thus has become an obsolete institution that calls itself a constitutional Monarchy, just to stay alive and live their lives if luxury and pomp and circumstance.

Ultimately, it's the people who must be the gate keepers of their own destiny, aka Freedom and Liberty,  not the govt of authority, or they will forever lose it.

Now, as much as I dislike Romney and the liberal progressive GOP, Romney is better than Obama, but in so stating, Romney is the Stalin to Obama;'s Hitler, ie; the lesser of 2 evils, and that is not saying much for Romney or the Republican Party. Thus, is this the best we can do.. and is why this is the awful disgusting nauseating truth.