Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What the Election of Romney Really Means

The anti-American liberal Socialist-Marxists cannot change the mindsets and attitude of the people without indoctrinating propaganda tools and the people to implement them, and is why the far left has concentrated all of their people in the field of media outlets like Journalism, entertainment, aka Hollywood, and especially the Academic Institutions like Harvard, and of course the Judicial Bench and Political offices at every level of  govt- local, County, City, State, Federal, etc.. 

That's the only way they can take over the Nation's politics, is by brainwashing the people into believing that Individual Freedom and Liberty, Democracy and the US Constitution are bad and wrong, and that an all powerful govt is the only way, in the name of the people. Isn't that what the former USSR was all about, the deception and lies in the name of the people.. and the people suffered for 70 years of brutality, oppression, labor camps, torture, and murder, because of it.. And they want you to believe that that was all a rumor.

The left is a cancerous toxic ideology, and as history has shown, can and will completely destroy a civilized society of Freedom, Liberty, Democracy, and the Truth, in a blink of an eye.

There is one component ingredient  not addressed, the infiltration of leftwing agenda, policies, and people into the Republican Party, aka RINO's.

If there is one thing the liberals like more than a Democrat in power, it's 2 Democrats in power..  In other words, when the candidate on either side of the political race, is of the same stripes, and agenda, then it's a win-win situation either way for the liberal agenda.

The liberal moderate GOP RINO establishment hates Constitutional Conservatives like Ronald Reagan, who could not be bought or corrupted.

The GOP Republican Party is NOT an ideology, it is a political party, and those who are it's vanguard like Boehner, Cantor, Romney, Christie, the Bush's, etc., pay homage to the Republican Party first, and the US Constitution second or third down the list, whereas the Reagan Constitutional Conservatives like President Reagan and Sen. Jim DeMint put the US Constitution and Individual Freedom and Liberty first and foremost, and the political party second. That's the real main difference.

This why there is a split in the Republican party, the standard bearing GOP Republican Party establishment,  and the Reagan Constitutional Conservative Tea Party people.  This is where the Conservative and liberal progressive political line has been drawn in these 2 factions of the Republican Party.

The Tea Party represents the Will of the People and the US Constitution, not the Will of the crony politicians and their political party establishment RINO will..  and that is why Republican Party RINO crony capitalists like Romney and Christie are backed by the GOP establishment Republican Party.

And now, like a bad dream coming to reality, the people who voted for Obama, are the same people with the same mentality and attitude of apathy and indifference to what and who they are electing, are the same people voting for Romney, which is what got them into this mess in the first place.

So, in the context of being a conservative, this question is for Romney and his GOP RINO drone establishment supporters-

How does one defend forced mandated substandard inferior State Socialized Medicine that bankrupts the residents, citizens, and Independent businesses and companies in the Free Market Capitalist Free Enterprise system of a State, let alone the Nation, but then turns around and argues that he must repeal Obamacare, the very same thing he implemented and refuses to refute and repeal in his own State called Romneycare.. And the people actually buy this BS horse manure..

It’s no wonder why Obama was elected in the first place. How easily the people are fooled.. They want to replace one radical progressive liberal, with a moderate progressive liberal.. Well, that makes sense.. No it doesn’t..

What this means is that with the election of Romney, there will be no real change from the liberal agenda, only the person at the helm will be different, but the direction will be the same. Like Liberals Jews who actually are defeating their own race, religion, and State of Nation Israel, intentionally or unintentionally, for some perverse Freudian Psychological reason to be accepted by their enemies, the Republican electorate, aka so called moderate Republicans, as well as Independents, are choosing the same path as Obama, but because the person has an "R" next to their name, believe that they are the opposite of Obama and the Democratic Party of Progressive Liberalism. How truly wrong and stupid they are, as they drive the Constitutional Freedom and Liberty car straight off the cliff.