Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Romney, the Voters, and the Truth

As a staunch Reagan Constitutional Conservative Tea Party person, and a retired US Military person after 21 yrs of service, I am of the opinion and stand against supporting and voting for Mr Obama lite GOP establishment Progressive Republican elitist RINO Romney, in any shape or form, just to appease the appeasers and "go alongers" of liberal progressivism, that the general public likes to think is good.

Ronald Reagan and Reagan Conservatism is what got us out of the Carter Catastrophic malaise and stagflationary recession of the 1970's, and gave us decades of economic, political, and social prosperity..  NOT the liberal lite progressivism of the GOP RINO establishment.

Of course, when one is as liberal policy minded as the Romney-ite loyalists are, let alone the Independents whom all believe that compromise and appeasement is the best way to deal with the radical hard left, the facts and truth about Romney's liberal record and agenda actually seems conservative to them.  So it doesn't surprise me when one someone starts their view point from the far left Mass moderate RINO progressive liberal position, instead of the US Constitutional "Right" of the Founding Fathers, that they naturally think anyone who actually believes in Individual Freedom and Liberty, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, Conservative Values and Principles of fiscal, financial, and political constraints of limited govt, etc, are just crazy Reagan Conservative Tea Party people.

In the words of President Ronald Reagan- "There you go again"

Romney's past as Gov of Mass., reflects what Romney will be in the future as President, as he has never veered away from what he was and what he is now. He is a liberal progressive, as he has so publically stated, along with his record as Gov. Thus he has never shown any ability, willingness, or propensity whatsoever to be either conservative in thought, policy, or action, ever.

As a Conservative, let alone as a Republican RINO, how does one defend a Ted Kennedy collaborated forced mandated substandard inferior State Socialized Medicine that bankrupts the residents, citizens, and Independent businesses and companies in the Free Market Capitalist Free Enterprise system of a State, let alone the Nation, but then turns around and argues that he must repeal Obamacare, the very same thing he implemented and refuses to refute and repeal in his own State called Romneycare.

And people actually buy this BS horse manure.. And People actually believe everything and anything Romney shovels them.. It’s no wonder why Obama was elected in the first place.

Mr. Mass. Liberal Progressive RINO Romeny's record as Mass Gov. clearly shows that Romney supported gun control, gay rights, liberal activist judges, inferior substandard socialized state medicine, tax hikes, every asinine kooky global warming cap and trade policy, and just about every other stupid, budget busting liberal progressive idea that came down the Mass pike.

The Truth speaks for itself, and all the Romney GOP Progressive Republican RINO propaganda and delusional denial by all the progressive RINO Romney-ites in the world cannot hide it, let alone makes taste any better. For all intents and purposes, Romney should be Obama's running mate.

Romney will be another Herbert Hoover, and will of down just like Herbert Hoover, thus destroy whatever is left of the Republican Party, along with America as only a Progressive Republican Party RINO can do. Thus this will only ensure the survival of the Democratic Party, and more Obama's elected in the future. But of course people never listen to the historical facts of record, just like 2008, but only what they want to hear and believe.

It's now very clear that this country is definitely headed in the wrong direction, from both sides of the political aisle. But ultimately, it is the people who share in this responsibility in a democratically elected Republic like ours, as they must also be responsible for their own actions as the people who elected these politicians- ie; Obama and or Romney, into power and office in the first place. Unfortunately, there are far too many liberal GOP establishment progressive RINO's, than there are Reagan Conservatives

This is why we have consequences of elections when the wrong person is elected to high office in the first place, let alone again..