Monday, April 23, 2012

The History of whether or not America stays a Constitutional Republic, or becomes a Socialist-Marxist Manifesto Utopian State is Now

The forces of anti-American, anti-Constitutional liberal socialist-marxism and liberal progressive Republicanism is all around us, as they constantly incessantly together beat down the Patriotic Constitutional Conservative Tea Party folks and movement that represents the American Individual, along Individual Freedom and Liberty, that is embodied in the US Constitution itself.

This is reality, not some historical incident that once happened long ago.. We the people are now in the struggle and fight of our very existence and our future generation's very existence. So the wise men of our time like Mark Levin, are warning the American people of this, but will they listen and heed the warnings, or will they not.. Just like the ancient Greeks who did not listen to Socrates, or the ancient Romans who did not listen to Marcus Tullius Cicero..

Will the American people submit to govt statist utopian slavery, over Constitutional Freedom and Liberty, and relinquish their hold as the higher power in the Nation. Well only time will tell, but it does not look good, as the election of Romney is telling us..

Mr Mass. Liberal Progressive RINO's record as Mass Gov. clearly shows that Romney supported gun control, gay rights, liberal activist judges, inferior substandard socialized state medicine, tax hikes, every asinine kooky global warming cap and trade policy, and just about every other stupid, budget busting liberal progressive idea that came down the Mass pike. For all intents and purposes, Romney should be Obama's running mate.

It's now very clear that this country is definitely headed in the wrong direction, from both sides of the political aisle. But ultimately, it is the people who share in this responsibility in a democratically elected Republic like ours, as they must also be responsible for their own actions as the people who elected these politicians- ie; Obama and or Romney, into power and office in the first place. Unfortunately, there are far too many liberal GOP establishment progressive RINO's, than there are Reagan Conservatives.

Thus this is now about the people’s ability, or inability, to discern the differences, problems, and issues at hand, facing what we are now faced with, and then adequately make the right decisions at the ballot box.

If the mass populace of America is determined to go into a state of constant delusional denial, and keep running into the same brick wall of stupidity, apathy, and indifference, just like their choosing of Obama in 2008, a radical progressive liberal, they now choose instead a moderate progressive liberal GOP Republican establishment RINO elitist, aka Obama lite Mitt Romney, then the Constitutional Republic Nation of America is in more peril than we thought, as no Nation can stay Free and Independent when both sides of the political coin are liberally destructive. The left is a cancerous toxic ideology, and as history has shown can and will completely destroy a civilized society of Freedom, Liberty, Democracy, and the Truth in a blink of an eye.

That’s their choice, but in so doing will unfortunately continue the same old destructive liberal dead end brick wall policies of the past 3 and a half years, which means the continued rapid decline of America as a force of Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy is an assured prospect, and not just inside America, but the free world as a whole is affected as well, as our US National Security is also the world’s international security against the forces of evil, tyranny, and oppression.

This is why I believe that the Republican Party no longer represents the voice and will of "The People",  thus we must create a new major political party to challenge the Republican Party, if not completely replace the Republican Party, that is supposed to be the opposition party, but no longer fulfils that duty, but is only the same as the Democratic Party. It's time for the Republican party to go out of existence, and of course all the progressive RINO's would all join the Democratic Party officially, and once this happens, it would be a great thing to get rid of all the liberal progressive RINO deadwood in the Party.