Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Tribute to Andrew Breitbart

As I contemplate on the life and man named Andrew Breitbart, and the everlasting effects that he has had on us all, I just want pay my most deepest respects to the man who gave and lead the army of conservative average citizens, a voice of example by which to emulate and follow in this world of insidious corruption, intolerance, hatred, and evil.

Andrew Breitbart was a fearless American Patriot, a combination of Patrick Henry and Paul Revere, whose likes cannot be replaced, as Andrew Breitbart went where wise men dare not go, into the liberal lions den of corruption, lies, propaganda, deceit, and utter hatred and contempt for The People, Individual Freedom, Liberty, and the U.S. Constitution, and he fought them fearlessly, and won !

He was truly a once in a lifetime patriotic American conservative General among Generals, who lead by example, of which he always did first. In other words, when Andrew saw an unjust, biased, corrupt firestorm, he didn't runaway from it, he ran straight into it, confronted it and fought them directly one on one, or one against the mob, never veering away even once, nor did he even hesitate for a second, and never backed off his fight for Truth in what he called his "Self-Righteous Indignation" to expose them all for what they really were..  and for all America to see what was Good and Right and the Truth.  This he did in and of everything he stood for- his values and principles for which he displayed tremendous courage of conviction in the face of evil.  And the weapons he used were only the Truth, Freedom, Liberty, his computer and the internet.

I can only hope that I, and all the other Tea Party Reagan Conservatives, keep the Andrew Breitbart fight against injustice and media bias for the rest of our lives, as Andrew would have done with the same continued devoted passion.

I send my most sincerest condolences to the Breitbart Family, in this most tragic of hours. I pray for the Family.

Rest in Peace Andrew Breitbart