Saturday, February 4, 2012

Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, Oh My

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the liberal establishment, and that includes the RINO's, are typical liberals, who uses typical indoctrinated leftist ideological dogmatic reasoning tactics to justify, not only themselves, but to everyone else, what is good and bad", "right and wrong", in their eyes, mind, thought, and most importantly- actions.

To them, right and wrong, good and bad, depends on which side of the political coin it falls on..  Thus, the hypocrisy of it all, is to them meaningless..

The same indoctrinated ideological tactics are employed by the extreme militant religious leaders in the arab islamic muslim world, to justify their extreme intolerance, hatred, bigotry,  and even murder, or evil itself, as long as it's in the name of their cause.

In human civilized society in and a of Judeo-Christian western culture, dictates that crimes of murder and such, are not just illegal according to the laws of the nation, but are unjust and immoral in the humanity laws of human kind. But in their world, they can justify any types of injustice, as long as do it by ideological political interpretation.. This is most evident in Holder's DOJ under Obama..  As racial social justice is the perfect example of their belief in their cause, regardless of the actual wrongness about it.

Thus, all they do is move the base of reference of what is considered good and bad, right and wrong..  Just like the terrorists, rogue dictators, and other hate organizations, as long as they base it upon their ideological interpretation. This is how dangerous elected officials have become, in a Democratic Republic like America.

This is the insidious coercion and manipulation of people, by and of elected politicians like Obama, from the people who elected them into power and authority, to dictate every aspect of control in the people's lives, public or private, in the name of, aka, a ruse, of promoting the people's welfare and betterment of society. This is what is called and coined by Dr. Lawrence Sellin- "Our Elected despotism"..

This happens when the people do not stop it, and allow them to continue this, and even to become part of it, until the end result is complete removal of all rights and authority that the people have ever had been vested in, by whatever structured govt limitations were in place that dictated the restricted rules of govt., aka, the U.S. Constitution, thus they have made this governing body document completely irrelevant, and no longer determines what should, let alone what actually does happen.

This is their ultimate goal, the complete divestiture of the people as the controlling factor in a govt. So, now the old saying comes to reality- When the govt fears the people, there is Liberty, when the people fear the govt. there is Tyranny.

As quoted from Mr. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a former Soviet Union political prisoner of conscience-

"Equivalence is the essence of Moral Relativism"- The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy defines moral relativism as something that one accuses another of, rather than something to which one proudly admits.

"The rise of Moral Relativism, whereby equivalence and mediocrity (or outright evil) trumps value and quality continues to be the grim reaper of our national life."