Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Obamacare Really is and Really Means

We already have Medicare and Medi-Caid for those people who can’t afford healthcare. What Conservatives want is the Free Market private sector to solve the healthcare insurance for the Nation’s people, like Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser, etc.. which puts the financial and fiscal responsibility cost in the private sector’s hands, and not on the backs of the American Tax Payer, and NOT Socialist-Marxist govt forced mandated coercion and manipulation, which is in actuality, a direct attack against the U.S. Constitution of Individual Freedom and Liberty, by denying  Freedom of Choice itself.

Liberal Statists love all powerful govt control over everything, in every aspect of everyone’s lives. That’s why liberals love federally instituted forced mandated State Socialized Medicine programs. What it does, is take over and goes where the all powerful Federal Commerce Clause can’t go.

This is what Obamacare is all about- total govt control to tax and regulate and control everything  and everyone in America, which means they have to usurp and nullify the U.S. Constitution to do so.  This is their ultimate goal

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This is what happens when you elect the Wrong person for US President

Headline Quote-
"Obama Mulls 80 Percent Disarmament of Nuclear Arsenal" - Tuesday, 14 Feb 2012 -
Obama is not an American Patriot. He is anti-American, and believes that America is the problem of all the worlds ills. Thus he is intentionally trying to destroy America, piece by piece, little by little, bankrupting us economically, with massive unsustainable US National debt and deficits, sabotaging our US energy supply and production of Oil, Gas, and Coal, gutting out / hollowing out our US Military deterrent strength, by way of it's military defense budget, technologies, and resources, and especially our nuclear missiles, and their delivery systems, along with our nuclear warheads themselves, putting the U.S. at an extremely weak disadvantage, weakening our capability of waging a 2 or even 3 front war, against Russia, China, Iran at the same time. And I thought Jimmy Carter was bad..
Caroline Glick from her article "America’s Descent into Strategic Dementia"- Mar 21st 2011
"Since taking office, Obama has made clear that he views the US as an imperialist power on the world stage. As a result, the overarching goal of Obama’s foreign policy has been to end US global hegemony.
Obama looks to the UN as a vehicle for tethering the US superpower. He views US allies in the Middle East and around the world with suspicion because he feels that as US allies, they are complicit with US imperialism."
Ultimately, this comes down to the dangers of what consequences elections can have in a Free Democratic Representative Republic, when the people choose to be led by the media, and other hearsay outlets, instead of being independent, knowledgeable, and intelligent enough to know who not to vote for.. In other words, who would in their right mind, ever vote for an Anti-American Liberal Socialist-Marxist bent on the intentional destruction of their own country, economically, politically, socially, and militarily for their national leader, is beyond all comprehension and logic and common sense. Unfortunately, they still have not learned yet, the extent and results of Obama's goals and agenda that lay in store for America and our allies like Israel and the free western world.
Complacency, Ignorance, and Indifference, breeds Apathy and Stupidity, then Disaster.
Winston Churchill:
“If the past sits in judgment on the present, the future will be lost.”

Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy 101st Birthday President Ronald Wilson Reagan

Happy Birthday President Reagan.

President Ronald Reagan gave America and all Americans, real hope and inspiration that being American was the greatest feeling on earth.  He lead this nation through his conservative policies of massively lowering taxes and tax rates, and removed many govt over-regulations that stifled and hindered the US economy from growing, across the board for all individual Americans and all businesses in the private economic free market economy, which he implemented under the Reagan Economic Recovery Act of 1981, which brought this great nation to the heights of a private sector free market economic boom and prosperity that lasted for decades, the likes that have not been seen since the gold rush of the 1800's.

He also restored the US Military back to American superpower strength, after Carter and the liberal Congress gutted it's budget and hollowed out the US Military, to pay for all of their social welfare programs, defeating the Russian Soviet Socialist-Marxist Communist regime, which inevitably collapsed under the weight of their failed oppressive tyrannical governmental economic, political, social, and international policies, restoring America's National Security and world international preeminence once again.  President Reagan united and restored pride back to America and all Americans.

This is President Reagan's Legacy.

And what has Obama done..  He has divided this nation and people into an ugly class warfare, encouraged an anemic and weak sickly economy, by his failed crippling socialist-marxist Keynesian policies, as he intentionally sabotages America's energy production and supply of Oil, Gas, and Coal, at every level he can...  Stealing America's wealth of resources, advanced technologies, and monetary assets, to redistribute to anyone, anywhere he chooses, as well as gutting out/hollowing out the US Military and it's budget to pay for all his social welfare programs, weakening US National Security to a dangerous level, just like President Carter did, not to mention burdening America and all Americans, with crippling national unsustainable debt and deficits, that will last for decades to come.

This is President Obama's Legacy.

This is the difference between Ronald Reagan and Barrack Obama.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Romney the Political Pariah

Romney is not only a liberal politician, but he is truly a political pariah.. He runs his politics, like he ran Bain Capital.

Romney and Obama are more alike than Hillary and Obama.. thus, this is worse than could have ever have been imagined for all the Conservative Reagan Tea Party folks, not to mention the Nation.

"Romney tries to cut off Newt’s SuperPAC funding"- quote-

"The big story was the revelation in the NY Times that the Romney campaign, both directly and through Jewish emissaries, has been trying to convince Sheldon Adelson to cut off further funding of a pro-Newt SuperPAC:
"Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino executive keeping Newt Gingrich’s presidential hopes alive, has relayed assurances to Mitt Romney that he will provide even more generous support to his candidacy if he becomes the Republican nominee, several associates said in interviews here.
The assurances have been conveyed in response to a highly delicate campaign by Mr. Romney and his top Jewish financial supporters to dissuade Mr. Adelson from adding to the 10 million dollars that he and his wife have given to a pro-Gingrich “super PAC,” Winning Our Future, that has been tearing into Mr. Romney through television advertising."
Remember, John Sununu all but threatened Mr. Adelson with retribution, so of course Mr. Adelson wants to maintain good relations with the Romney campaign.
Romney apparently is deeply hurt by the negative ads the SuperPAC has been running with Adelson’s funding:
"A friend of Mr. Romney’s, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Mr. Romney did not begrudge Mr. Adelson’s initial $5 million donation to the pro-Gingrich group, given Mr. Adelson’s known loyalty. But Mr. Romney was said to have been deeply stung by a second $5 million donation, from Mr. Adelson’s wife, Miriam. And the group’s harsh attacks against Mr. Romney were said to have upset Mr. Romney’s wife, Ann, though his aides said she was inured to them."
You have got to be kidding me.  It’s not enough for Romney to outspend Newt several times over, he has to try to cut off Newt’s funding?  And if true that he’s personally hurt, then that’s pretty rich considering the vicious personal demonization of Newt by Romney and his surrogates since Iowa."

Why is it, and how is it, with an anti-Obama electoral atmosphere so high, from his ultra liberal socialist policies, that have all but bankrupted the nation.. why in heaven would anyone in the Conservative Republican voting public, would want to elect Romney, whose policies are almost exactly the same as Obama's, almost to verbatim.  Why..

This is the troubling question that seems to be so troubling, as the reason and logic of it, just escapes any and all reason and logic. 

In other words, it make absolutely no sense at all.. It's the same as saying Hillary would be better for the nation, because she is Hillary, regardless of her exact same political policies and ideological philosophy. Just like Romney and his liberal socialist policies and agenda, which are all on public record for all to see, but the media refuses to report on.. It just make absolutely no sense whatsoever..

It's not their words so much, as their actions of public record, not their public persona and perception, which is opposite of the truth. Romney created and signed into law, a forced mandated State Socialized Medicine program, aka, Romneycare, before there was even an Obama and Obamacare..

Newt stopped the very same State Socialized Medicine program in the 1990's called Hillarycare, under Bill Clinton.. not to mention Newt balanced the Federal Budget 3 years in a row, also forcing Bill Clinton to reform welfare, as well as cut taxes across the board, lowered govt. spending, and so on..

So, why would anyone believe that Romney would repeal Obamacare, because he said so..  They are is so naive and gullible, it's almost laughable,, if it weren't so tragic.  Well, I guess if you have enough money and the political machinery behind you, you can deceive anyone, . How easily the majority of the voters can be fooled, as evidenced with Obama, and now Romney.

If one were to look at Newt's record compared to what the GOP establishment and Romney's SuperPAC has created, the opposite is true.

Newt's actual record to his public persona, he is actually conservative and a great leader, just different in his style and tact, who has accomplished so much for this nation, second only to Ronald Reagan.

Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, Oh My

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the liberal establishment, and that includes the RINO's, are typical liberals, who uses typical indoctrinated leftist ideological dogmatic reasoning tactics to justify, not only themselves, but to everyone else, what is good and bad", "right and wrong", in their eyes, mind, thought, and most importantly- actions.

To them, right and wrong, good and bad, depends on which side of the political coin it falls on..  Thus, the hypocrisy of it all, is to them meaningless..

The same indoctrinated ideological tactics are employed by the extreme militant religious leaders in the arab islamic muslim world, to justify their extreme intolerance, hatred, bigotry,  and even murder, or evil itself, as long as it's in the name of their cause.

In human civilized society in and a of Judeo-Christian western culture, dictates that crimes of murder and such, are not just illegal according to the laws of the nation, but are unjust and immoral in the humanity laws of human kind. But in their world, they can justify any types of injustice, as long as do it by ideological political interpretation.. This is most evident in Holder's DOJ under Obama..  As racial social justice is the perfect example of their belief in their cause, regardless of the actual wrongness about it.

Thus, all they do is move the base of reference of what is considered good and bad, right and wrong..  Just like the terrorists, rogue dictators, and other hate organizations, as long as they base it upon their ideological interpretation. This is how dangerous elected officials have become, in a Democratic Republic like America.

This is the insidious coercion and manipulation of people, by and of elected politicians like Obama, from the people who elected them into power and authority, to dictate every aspect of control in the people's lives, public or private, in the name of, aka, a ruse, of promoting the people's welfare and betterment of society. This is what is called and coined by Dr. Lawrence Sellin- "Our Elected despotism"..

This happens when the people do not stop it, and allow them to continue this, and even to become part of it, until the end result is complete removal of all rights and authority that the people have ever had been vested in, by whatever structured govt limitations were in place that dictated the restricted rules of govt., aka, the U.S. Constitution, thus they have made this governing body document completely irrelevant, and no longer determines what should, let alone what actually does happen.

This is their ultimate goal, the complete divestiture of the people as the controlling factor in a govt. So, now the old saying comes to reality- When the govt fears the people, there is Liberty, when the people fear the govt. there is Tyranny.

As quoted from Mr. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a former Soviet Union political prisoner of conscience-

"Equivalence is the essence of Moral Relativism"- The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy defines moral relativism as something that one accuses another of, rather than something to which one proudly admits.

"The rise of Moral Relativism, whereby equivalence and mediocrity (or outright evil) trumps value and quality continues to be the grim reaper of our national life."