Friday, January 20, 2012

Why The Liberal Media Acts The Way They Do

This is a synopsis of the reasons of why the liberal media speaks, acts, and behaves the way they do, as an example of what they tried to do to Newt, and to any and all others, they do not like, disapprove of, hate, disdain, and otherwise have nothing but utter contempt, and absolutely no tolerance for.

Besides Newt's replied response to CNN John King's insultive question, which Newt proceeded to obliterate John King and his liberal media colleagues and profession on National TV for even bringing it up, that was asked with the intent to derail Newt's campaign progress and surge, by trying to humiliate Newt at the SC debate last night, here's another example- This is a segment from a Fox News article today, 20 Jan,2011, titled-  "From Gingrich to Romney to Tebow -- Why is the media so out of touch with America?  by Liz Peek


"In the New York Times last weekend, this irritation was on full display. Columnist Maureen Dowd, makes fun of the young Romney’s affection for “The Sound of Music” (what is it about that musical that so annoys the left?) and disregard for The Grateful Dead. 

She describes him as living in a “non-drinking, nonsmoking, suburban, uxorious bubble with Ann, revolving around Mormon rituals, Mormon couples, and the Mormon credo of strong, heterosexual, traditional families.” (In case you wondered, that’s meant to be a criticism.) “Uxorious” means having an excessive fondness for one’s wife – something that Ms. Dowd finds unacceptable." 


The reasons why the liberal media speaks and behaves the way they do is easy to understand, because they are the imbedded seeds of their indoctrination..  In other words, they have to justify their existence and acceptance to their view of life, and the ideology by which they see and interpret society and the world.. Which is of course a falsehood, a delusional lie, not reality..  So they have to manipulate, skew, distort, slant, twist, and coerce the American public into believing what they say is the right way, and not what the real Truth is.. which is Good is Good, Bad is Bad, Wrong is Wrong, Right is Right, and so on.. And no amount of liberal propagandist lies can change the facts and the Truth in reality, of human beings living in a free and Democratic society, for which the liberals detest, and have nothing but contempt for.

This is why they attack religion, specifically and especially, or pretty much only Christianity of any denomination, as they see that religion provides these guiding virtues, and is the core of conservative and constitutional values and principles, which is why they hate and attack religion that provides and supports those values and principles in civilized society of and in, everyday life.

This is why the liberal media, is not only a propaganda tool for their liberal agenda, but are insidious and subversive in intention, and parasitically cancerous, caustic, and toxic to independent individual thought in civilized society.

If one were to watch Jimmy Stewarts "It's a wonderful Life", one would say, that what and where, we want to live in..  A place where goodness, charity, kindness, and hope is the rule, not the exception.. But Liberals want the story to end with Pottersville and Potter winning in the end, instead of the people and community of Bedford Falls and the old local Bailey Savings and Loan still standing. 

To liberals, there is nothing more aggravating than happy conservative religious people and their communities, existing and living in their liberally intolerant and illogically insane world of despair and suffering..  And why, so they can control it, the environment, situation, circumstances, thus the people, via govt dependency and laws, to maintain their hold on power.

That's a sad and pathetic look into their sad and pathetic souls and minds.. I truly pity them..