Sunday, January 29, 2012

WAR - A Call To ARMS

War has not only been declared against Newt, by the GOP Republican Party RINO establishment, but they have also declared and are waging an all out war against the Tea Party movement, people, and all elected politicians, especially in Florida where they have made a concerted conspiratorial effect to oust Rep. Col. Allen West, by redistricting him out of conservative areas, which already has be done by a Romney aide..

Make no mistake about it, they are waging an all out war to destroy all the Reagan Tea Party Constitutional Conservatives from power and influence..  which is why we must not fail meet them head on, to get out the vote and message to all Patriotic Americans, all over the nation, but especially in Florida, as it is now ground zero in this fight to save America, and Reagan Conservatism.


"While Newt has been a part of the Washington scene for some time, he always has been the outsider challenging the establishment and insisting on reforms and transformation. He has been vilified, targeted with ethics complaints, subjected to lies and mythology. Millions of dollars have been spent on attacks against him. And he’s still standing, offering America the kind of ideas and leadership it needs in the 21st century.

It boils down to this: Newt Gingrich is a conservative; the establishment prefers moderates. Newt prefers to stand up and debate conservative ideas and ideals; the establishment prefers to keep people guessing. Newt is a proven leader, someone with the background, understanding, vision and discipline to be our president; the establishment fears that he just might win.”

Gingrich, like Goldwater and Reagan, is running as a strongly populist outsider.

Conservative outsiders never trust the GOP insiders. Sometimes they tolerate them – but, right now, they despise them. In cases where this happened before — California in 1964, North Carolina in 1976 and New Hampshire in 1980 — —it became a badge of honor to vote against the GOP establishment.

In each case, history was made, just as it was made once again Saturday in South Carolina.

No one goes around calling themselves a Nixon Republican or a Ford Republican or a Bush Republican. But plenty now proudly call themselves Goldwater Republicans and Reagan Republicans." - unquote

We, the Reagan Conservative Tea Party folks, will not,  and must never capitulate to them, and give up this great Nation to a bunch of low life colluding liberal RINO scum, so they can continue to live a life of minority party luxury, in their so called compromised negotiations with the anti-American liberal Obamacrats, every step of the way. !!