Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Romney Tragedy, is an American Tragedy

In the American Spectator is an article called- "Romney explains why he can't beat Obama", by David Catron, 30 Jan. 2012.

Remember the last Florida debate, where Rick Santorum shredded Romney and his Romneycare to pieces, where Romney's only defense of Romneycare was, quote- "it's not worth getting angry about."

It is worth getting angry about, as Rick Santorum said- We must not give this issue away to Obama..  as it is not just about the Nominee, but about Freedom and Liberty of the American people, which are affected by the decisions that these elected representatives, reflect and act in accordance with the wishes of the "Will of the Majority" of the American People, and not to their own ideological self-serving interests.

Quote- “Newt SuperPac Advisor Claims Romney Campaign Pumped $15 Mil Into Florida”-

The message is loud and clear.. Romney and his GOP establishment and corporate banking and investment firm Goldman Sachs backers are saying- “We can buy this Primary election and the US Presidency, and that’s exactly what we are doing”..

If Romney were to be the Nominee, he, as well as Obama, would be laughing so hard inside themselves, as to the ridiculously absurd amount of ease it is to fool these American voting people with their lies and incessant flip-flopping stands on vitally important issues, that to them matters not..  Which doesn't bode well for the American electorate, Primary or General as a whole..

This is the tragedy of what might happen, if Romney and the GOP RINO establishment, is allowed to buy this election. What this says is that powerful people and their establishment money, can buy the votes and minds of the American people, instead of facts and truth. This is the truly sad state of the American electorate, thus an American tragedy .