Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Romney Bain Issue Matters

Ronald Reagan did not mean LBO’s, Bailouts, Buyouts, and Crony Capitalism, when he implemented his pro-capitalist economic recovery policies, so that American wall street firms, and corporate businesses, can practice corporate raiding, insider trading, and other such profitable enhancement and enrichment practices, at the expense of healthy/profitable business companies, the working employees, their pensions, their families, and their communities. In other words, just because Romney and Bain Capital, could legally destroy healthy profitable business companies, let alone unhealthy business companies, jobs, people’s pensions, families lives, and their communities, does not mean it is good and right.

If a company fails on it’s own through bad business practices, and declares bankruptcy, then so be it, that’s the free market system.. But when a company like Bain Capital and Romney, comes in, and buys out the company, that is business healthy, and supporting working families and communities, then carves it up for sale to the highest bidder, making hundreds of millions of dollars at the company and workers expense, thus destroying those people pensions, communities, and lives, then that is NOT Free Market Capitalism, like Rick Perry said, that’s "vulture capitalism"..   It’s wrong, and should be illegal, as far as I’m concerned.

That’s why Romney is the real life Gordon Gekko, the epitome of corporate greed. He must be vetted on it, and should and must be accountable for..

But this is not merely about legal or illegal corporate practices, more so than it is about Romney’s core values of Morality, Integrity, and Ethics, thus is about Romney’s personal character, especially if he wants to be the U.S. President.

So the Romney Bain issue matters, as it is all about who we really want to be at America’s helm, as the next U.S. President. Someone who exemplifies Reagan's courage, morality, integrity, and ethics,  ie; Conservative Values and Principles, or cronyism, false conservatism, and no personal character qualities of worth..