Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Newt is Exactly Right

Newt is exactly right..

Learning when you are young, good work habits and work ethics, besides the value of earning your own money, from your own efforts, teaches responsibility and builds character, of which young people need to grow up with, to turn into productive members of society, and not end up as a high school drop out, or on welfare and foodstamps, or even in prison from criminal activity, like gang violence and or drug use, etc..  of which is what liberals want and advocate.. and why, because liberals want minorities in America, to be so accustomed to, and addicted to govt. handouts, aka, entitlements, like welfare and foodstamps, so they always count on them to be politically reliable votes, is, and should be seen by minorities, as an absolute outrage and insult, as an assault on their character as a people, and their individual abilities to be self-reliant, self-sufficient, and independent.

Self-reliance and Independence empowers people, and if there is one thing liberals do not want, is for people, especially minority people, to be self-reliant, independent, and empowered, and equally with thought..

This would inevitably guide people, of their own accord, away from the liberal democratic party, thus they will lose their political power base, thus their power, thus their money…

This why they will do anything they can to stop the people, specifically the minority folks, from becoming self-reliant and independent from govt. This is their whole premise and point of being and existence, and thus explains their behavior, aka, political motives, of all of their actions and words, of constant attacks against Reagan Conservative Republicans, like Newt. As well as their behind the scenes support for Romney.

Like it or not, that is the Truth, and the sooner the Free Independent people in the minority communities realize that self-reliance, and along with it, self-esteem, confidence, pride and independence, is better than govt hand outs, the sooner they will be free of govt. dependency, and liberals.

Newt is clearly up against the liberal Republican Party establishment apparatus, which includes Fox News, but one in which Newt can aptly and ably handle. What else is new, as Reagan had to deal with the same crony Republican Party RINO apparatus and people.

The problem is always the same thing, as the political agenda of Obama left, or the RINO right, always tries to get in the way of the Truth.

That’s what they have in common against Newt, and the Tea Party Reagan conservatives, which is why the Republican Party apparatus, can easily justify colluding with the far left, so they can ensure the reins of power and control, stay in liberal hands, of either party.

This is why Newt resonates with real Reagan Conservatives, aka, the People, and not the liberal Republican Party RINO establishment of Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, and Romney.