Monday, January 2, 2012

Iowa Caucus, Conservatives, and Republicans

Note to Iowans- 

If you decide to elect Romney, a liberal moderate mush Republican RINO Obama-lite elitist.. then you mine as well just vote for Obama, as they are exactly the same in their implementation of policies and programs, and their lying political propaganda about all of it, as they just represent opposite political party's, but everything else is the same.. Mass. the State of Liberalism, the State of Ted Kennedy, the State of Barney Franks, and the State of Mitt Romney, and you want to elect the Gov. from there..  especially this slick willie lying 2 faced hypocrite forced mandated State Socialized Medicine Romneycare loving Gov.. 

As a Ronald Reagan constitutional tea part conservative. that would be absolutely appalling.  Need I say more..

As far as Ron Paul is concerned, Domestically, he is a staunch constitutional conservative, yes we give him that.. but International Foreign Policy wise, he is the American Neville Chamberlain, and is a delusional libertarian nutjob, who couldn't see the conservative common sense logic reason and sanity forest, for the trees, when it comes to appeasing terrorists, rogue fascist dictators, and alike, in this nuclear WMD age, if his delusional dogmatic libertarian ideology life depended on it.. 
If history is to teach us anything, it is to learn from it..  thus, Ron Paul should never be allowed to be the US President, period.!!

So, where does that leave Newt..  on the Reagan Conservative Republican platform ticket, which Tea Party folks support, as the best alternative to Romney's liberal cronyism, and Ron Paul's delusional whacked appeasement, demilitarist, non-interventionist foreign policies, that's where.. 

Newt is the only real Reagan Conservative Republican, that can  beat Obama, and restore America back to prosperity and preeminence at home and abroad..  ie;  secure U.S. National Security, as well as peace and safety in the world, once again..  The choice is yours..