Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Free Market Capitalism is the Vehicle and Core Element of Democracy, Freedom, and Liberty

There is an article in the web site ConservativeByte.com, which asks the question-  "Did the Founding Fathers support Free Market Capitalism"

My Answer-

Of course the Founding Father's supported Free Market Capitalism.  Free Market Capitalism is incontrovertibly intertwined with American Democracy, Liberty, and Freedom.  Within the U.S. Constitution, is very heart, soul, and core of Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy, as it is tied directly with an individual's right to choose, which is in itself, Freedom and Liberty, which thus gives power directly into the hands of the people, via their Freedom to choose.. 

This is the core element in a Democracy, the individual right to choose, by which the Free Market Capitalist system embodies, represents, in the Law of Supply and Demand, that is the vehicle and intertwined element of Freedom and Democracy...

This is also why liberals want massive govt control over the people, to dictate to them, what their choices are and will be, thus removing their power..

Capitalism is all about empowering the people, thus Democracy, Freedom, Liberty, Equal Rights, and a govt. "Of the People, By the People, For the People", is directly linked to Free Market Capitalism.

Dr. of Economics, Milton Friedman in his book- "Capitalism and Freedom", explains it in complete detail, but the book itself is not the reason why it is so..  It is so, because it's true.

Where do the roots of economic and social prosperity come from..   They come from a free market economy..  That's what happened, as told to us all throughout world history, that people, when allowed to engage in entrepreneurial free enterprise of a free market capitalist system, they create wealth, and thus become economically and socially middle class, or even upper wealthy..

This empowers the people by being Independent, which is something the liberals do not want, and discourages in every govt aspect and form possible, because independence from govt, means the demise of liberals and Democrats. This is their whole premise of being and existence, govt control over the people, via dependency, which is why they will not give up entitlements. If they did, their whole base would not support them, and they would  cease to exist as a political party force. Which is a good thing, in my opinion.

The very meaning of the word Capital and Capitalism, means to create /produce and keep your own property / wealth, of and from your own making. Creating economic and social prosperity for all, creating a middle class, and a happy, or happier, society of people.

This goes directly to what Speaker Newt Gingrich was telling the debate audience last night in SC, when he answered Juan Williams question about race, and govt entitlement dependency..  which was meant to try to embarrass and humiliate Newt. but which didn't work, as so obviously noted.

Self-reliance and Independence empowers people, and if there is one thing liberals do not want, is for people, especially minority people, to be self-reliant, independent, and empowered, and equally with thought.. This would inevitably guide people, of their own accord, away from the liberal democratic party, thus they will lose their political power base, thus their power, thus their money.