Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Betrayal of Tea Party Politicians

Marco Rubio stated, quote-  “Mitt Romney is no Charlie Crist,” Rubio said in response. “Romney is a conservative, and he was one of the first national Republican leaders to endorse me. He came to Florida, campaigned hard for me, and made a real difference in my race.” unquote-

Now, why would Marco Rubio, a Tea Party conservative politician, back a liberal Republican Party RINO elitist like Romney, whose record is one of furthering the liberal agenda, especially Romneycare, forced mandated inferior substandard State Socialized medicine program, that is bankrupting the State and people of Mass, over a Reagan conservative like Newt, who accomplished more for the nation in challenging the status quo, and the RINO permanent political class in Washington DC, not to mention a liberal Bill Clinton agenda, and balanced the US Federal Budget, forced Clinton to reformed welfare, cut spending and lowered taxes, that helped to created millions of jobs, and so on..

That’s the question..  Now what’s the answer..

The answer is political payback.  And what does that tell you..  2 things.  It tells you that Marco Rubio is both an honest person who pays his debts, political or otherwise, but also one who is willing to distort the truth if need be, in the payment of that debt. Because Romney is far from being a conservative. Romney attacked Reagan and supported GHW Bush in the 1980 election, and many years after.. which does not bode well with Tea Party Conservatives. On top of the fact that it was the Reagan Conservative Tea Party folks who voted for, and thus, put Marco Rubio in the Florida US Senate seat, over Charlie Crist..  not the Republican Party RINO elitists of Romney and company. We view this sort of twisting and distorting of the truth, as standard political double backing betrayal and dishonesty, repugnantly repulsive..

It’s a shame that people who were given their place in power by the Reagan Conservative Tea Party folks, are now being stabbed in the back by the very same people who benefited from us, like Nikki Haley and Marco Rubio.

This is why I, and millions of other Tea Party Patriots, never trust the person in politics, but the values and principles of Constitutional Conservatism, and when they violate these principles, we hold the accountable for it.

Politicians and their betrayal of lies, are not the subject of adornment, as I and the millions of Tea Party folks, will forever hold them and their feet, to the fire of the US Constitution, and ensure they are responsive to, and accountable to, We the People.