Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why Newt would a far better U.S. President, than Romney

My position to support Newt, more than Romney is for several reason, one of which is Romneycare.  Individually Mandated State Socialized Medicine should not be forced on the American people, as it is unconstitutional, and wrong, period. Private insurance companies like Blue Cross and Blue Shield, for example, should be the primary means of healthcare insurance, then state socialized subsidized healthcare insurance, like Medicare, as an option, not as the primary mandated source of healthcare insurance. and so on.. And Romney's promise to repeal Obamacare, when he refuses to admit that his Romneycare is the same as Obamacare, and even stated that forced mandates, was a conservative cause, that compels the people, by force govt. threat of fine, and or imprisonment, to purchase a healthcare insurance product, that they do not want, is absolutely unconstitutional, as it denies the American people, their Freedom of Choice, which is a form of controlled soft tyranny and oppression, especially in our free market democratic economic system of Capitalism.. which smacks of blatant hypocrisy and cronyism, so much, that I just can't stomach Romney, period.

Newt on the other hand, who has issues as well, as he is not perfect, as no one is, is so much more conservative in many ways..  And the fact that he knows, understands the U.S. Constitution, as someone who is a historian scholar of American History, he understands the American Republic framework and system more than anyone. He also has made his many mistakes, but  is not afraid to say so and correct them, when pointed out, unless he feels otherwise, and explains it to you, as to why he feels that way.. Newt has said he supported the individual healthcare mandate, but has since stated he was wrong, and officially changed his stand, as noted in his contract with America, to completely repeal Obamacare, lock, stock, and barrel. Unlike Romney, who refuses to admit his mistakes, let alone correct them, as so pointed out to him, when he flip-flops on the issues, and especially when he stated that forced mandates, are a conservative cause, is enough to make a Tea Party Patriot puke with disgust.

Newt's vast knowledge, expertise, and experience, has given him much wisdom and insight into the very the core the issues and problems we now face.. You cannot fix something, if you do not know what is broken..  He understands exactly what Obama has broken, and why Obama has broken it, thus is not only the most qualified to be the U.S. President in that sense, but needs to be the US President.. Whereas Romney is just another mush standard crony Republican RINO, who would not understand what and why, certain things must be fixed, with what Obama has not only destroyed, but what Obama has done within the US govt system, of bureaucracy,  to ensure the liberal agenda stays in place, and is funded..  Obamacare is an example of what I mean.. When Pelosi, Reid, and Obama made sure that inside the bill of Obamacare, to hide Billions of dollars in automatic funding, that would be triggered when normal funding might have been cut off..  These are everywhere in the Obama bureaucracy, between rules, regulations, policies, funding, etc, that must all be wiped up, and cleaned from the govt system of Obama liberal agenda. Along with the more obvious US economic, Political, and US National Security and Military fixes, that require the immediate attention of the US President, with the Republican Congress in support.

And there is one more bit of Newt policy, that should be mentioned..  His absolute commitment to abolishing, aka,  impeaching, those Liberal activist Judges, who blatantly  rule against the U.S. Constitution, and the American People, and who especially use foreign laws to adjudicate American cases in a U.S. Courtroom.