Saturday, December 3, 2011

Time For The Newt Revolution

We had the Reagan Revolution, that saved America, from the catastrophic economic disaster of the Jimmy Carter govt., and gave us decades of economic prosperity, and US National Security, as well as won the Cold War against the USSR, and thus freed millions of people from bondage, torture, in the slave labor gulag camps, in the brutality of the old Stalinist Soviet Union, all throughout eastern Europe, behind the "Iron Curtain".

Now, we must have the Newt Revolution, to save America, once again, from not only the devastating and crippling financial and fiscal economic catastrophic disaster, of US Bankruptcy and Insolvency that looms over America today, via an unsustainable and unpayable 15 - 21 Trillion dollar U.S. National Debt, and a record 1.5 Trillion dollar annual fiscal deficit, which is now at 100% of the US National GDP, courtesy of the Obama Regime, but we face an even more serious problem, Liberal Fascism, aka, Secular Progressive Socialist-Marxism. This ideological social and political disease, is at the core, and the cause, of the internal destruction of America, as we know it, as this form of liberalism, is so much more radical and extreme and thus dangerous to all Americans, than their annoying liberal democrats, of the old Democratic Party.

It is now time for the Newt Revolution.!!

Newt Gingrich:
Impeach judges – Crush and Replace the Left – 2012 “Victory or Death!”

This is a must watch this video of Newt Gingrich, on his website,  or,  which he just absolutely blows you away with absolute Conservative Oratory, putting his vision and the facts of evidence, in an all out battle plan, against the forces of evil, aka, liberal fascism, in America- Liberal Fascism..  Which is secular reggressive socialist-marxism,  a political governing ideology of social and political cancer, that destroys a civilized democratic society from the inside out..  It permeates all throughout every area and aspect of American govt-the Justice Department, the Judicial system, aka, Liberal Judicial Activism, and especially in politics, as well as every other area in American life and culture..    I loved it !!

What happens when some liberal activist Judge somewhere, declares the US Constitution, unconstitutional..  I mean, somewhere along the lines, at some point, we the People, have got to get the Sanity in, and the Asinine Stupidity out, of American Politics, Govt. / Justice Dept., and more importantly, the American Judicial system. !!

If we are to save this great nation from the cancerous disease Liberal fascism, aka, Socialist-Marxism,  Newt Gingrich must be the next President of the United States of America, period.