Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sarah Palin and her Palin Loyalists vs. Trust and Integrity

What is the definition of Ideological zealotry, used especially by radical liberals.   It is not only a fanatical promotion of a specific ideology and or person, but is also the absolute intolerance of any decent, and or criticism, of said ideology or person..

And what and how do they suppress and stifle Free Speech, and the Truth..  they use the standard Saul Alinsky Book Rules for Radicals, ie; Denigration, Polarization, Humiliation, Ridicule, Mockery, Lies, False Accusations- Projection, etc, etc..  These are all typical liberal tactics, who refuse to acknowledge the Facts and Truth as they are in reality..  Just like Obama and the Liberals..   This is exactly what Liberals use and do everyday, and is now what the Palin Loyalists use and do..

The problem with Palin Loyalists who makes excuses for Gov. Palin’s actions, and inactions, say it’s OK for her, because she is a good and patriotic person.. which is true, but is not the issue..  But making and giving excuses for Gov. Palin, who has abandoned her people, her constituency, and her leadership post, twice no less, for which she claimed herself to be in, is a typical liberal characteristic, and not Constitutional Conservative Character trait of Honesty and Integrity..  In other words, setting high standards of conduct for Conservatives, then not enforcing those standards on Gov. Palin, is extreme political crony Hypocrisy, of the most egregious kind, especially in the Value and Principled world of Patriotic Constitutional Conservative Americans.. As if you impose high standards on the people, but not the politician, especially if it’s Gov. Palin, you then act the same as liberals, in the double talking, double standard Hypocrisy, of  “do as I say, and not as I do”..

I truly feel sorry for the fanatical Ideological Palin Loyalist zealots, who have absolutely no Integrity, or any other noteworthy Character traits to speak of whatsoever, in regards to Truth, Trust, and Integrity, as they use typical liberal tactical rhetoric of denigration and lies, and now Suppression and Oppression of Free speech.

Palin Loyalists are now typical of liberals, in their use of liberal tactics of intolerance and suppression.. in other words, they cannot, will not, or  refuse to admit the Truth, when it  comes to Sarah Palin..  and who can only spew political and personal liberal rhetoric and denigration, straight from the Saul Alinsky play book, against those who speak the Truth and stand up for, and uphold the Principles of Constitutional Conservatism, Honesty, and Integrity, in actual factual debate and dialogue.  In fact, she has very recently attacked me, this first week in Nov. 2011, through her  army of surrogates on the web sites, like FoxNews and FoxNtion, as well as her own sites, by blocking my login comment posting ability on FoxNews and FoxNation, stifling any commenting on any subject, on a web site that is not owned by her, and thus has violated my personal Free Speech Rights, for which I have not done anything wrong against FoxNews..   Thus, this is an example of intolerant oppressive silencing of any criticism of her, which she does not like, by her and her loyalist army, and says of her- "if you criticize Palin, she will shut you down and destroy you" tactic and attitude..  This is exactly what liberals do, and thus is why she is by her own example, a Hypocrite, in her blatant actions to stifle my ability to voice the Truth, as well as my opinion.. 

Disavowing the Truth, for blind personal political loyalist zealotry, and not to Principle, is not what Constitutional Conservatism, is all about...  I say that Palin Loyalists, are now part of the problem, not part of the solution, just like Republican Party RINO's are..

When loyalty of, and to, ideological zealotry of a person, makes one decide to forgo the Truth, instead of acknowledging it, then that's where you have betrayed your Values and Principles of Integrity and Honesty, aka, Constitutional Conservatism.

This is what we are now faced with, political ideological zealotry, on every side,  of every political arena.. 2 wrongs, don't make a right..  and it is Gov. Palin, who allows this dishonesty and lack of Integrity, who is now on the wrong side of the issue, who allows it to continue, in her name, on many web sites, which she accepts and condones..  Thus Gov. Palin has chosen to trademark her name, her message, and her agenda, via, her silence and thus her acceptance, which she benefits financially and politically..

The problem is that Truth, Trust, Integrity, and Honesty, of Constitutional Conservative Values and Principles, has now given way to personal gain.. hence, the very cronyism Gov. Palin fought against in her speeches and rallies, is now her trademark..