Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ron Paul's potential Nomination, is an Ominous Warning

There are many Ron Paul libertarian fanatical supporters out there, and about roughly 10-15% of the Republican Primary voters, who are wanting to make the Conservative Republican voters, somehow believe that Ron Paul is the great savior of America, via his philosophy of Libertarianism, in the form of his Domestic and Foreign policies.. 

Where his Domestic policies are of great value, in the US Constitutional based platform and adherence of, and to, the US Constitution, it's his Foreign policies of Appeasement, Isolationism, and Demilitarism, that is the extreme dangerous part of his political ideology and philosophy..

It is extremely dangerous and naive, to think that his policies of appeasement, non-Interventionism, and Demilitarism, towards the arab islamic muslim Terrorists like Al-Queda, Hezbollah, Hamas, PLO, etc, and Rogue dictators like Iran's Ahmadedajad,  North Korea's Kim Jong Il,  as well as Communist China, whose growing power and influence in the world, will be good for America, as well as the peace, safety and security of the world,  but will in fact, only ensure America's defeat on the world international stage, thus destroy our strategic US National Security, as well as the world's Freedom and Liberty, not to mention the complete political isolation of Israel, who is surrounded by enemies, who wish her destruction, and the annihilation of the Jewish race.

Like Obama, Ron Paul also believes that America is the problem of all the world's ill's..  and thus America should just stop being a world power, and capitulate and appease those who wish to take power in the world, either under, or with UN mandates of Anti-Semitism and Anti-Americanism..

This is the red flag danger of the Ron Paul Presidency. as is with the Obama Presidency.. as we, America, can ill afford to have a back to back Anti-American Presidents, run and ruin America into the ground, on any and all matters of US National Security, just to make themselves ideologically politically happy.

This is why Ron Paul should never be allowed to be the U.S. President, via electoral process, under any circumstance, period.