Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ron Paul and where the Tea Party stands on him

Ron Paul has great constitutional Domestic policies, but as far as his Foreign policy goes, he is an absolute nutjob, and should never be allowed to be the US President, period, at any time. When an appeasing isolationist demilitarist nutjob like Ron Paul, is trying to become the Republican US President, whom we would not normally care about, then that’s when the danger becomes reality.

The Tea Party Patriots want not just Constitutional Conservative, pro-American, pro-free market capitalist Domestic policies to be the norm, where the economy prospers, and Individual Freedom and Liberty are secured, but also a strong U.S. Military Defense, to secure America’s US National Security, and the rest of the Free World’s peace, especially that of Israel and the Jewish people, which Ron Paul seems to care less about.. 

Ronald Reagan would be appalled at Ron Paul’s appeasement of Iran’s nuclear threats to Israel, let alone America, and the rest of the Free World. Tea Party conservatives neither condone war, nor advocate war, for any reason, except self defense, and prevention of attack in the form of US National Security measures, as well as preventing another Holocaust to the Jewish people, and the State of Israel.

Just because Israel has nukes of it’s own, does not mean that they can withstand a nuclear attack in such a tight geographic locational area like Israel, Jerusalem, etc.. and not sustain enormous casualties.. which is why we, America, and especially us Tea Party Conservatives,  must do all we can to prevent this from ever occurring, as we can no longer appease those who wish death and destruction upon a whole nation, let alone another holocaust of a while race of human beings.

Ron Paul’s appeasement of Iran, in the attainment of a nuclear device, would allow them to destroy Israel and the Middle East, which would erupt in a ball of fire.

Ron Paul is the Neville Chamberlain of America, and  thus is dangerous to peace and security around the world.