Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Media, The Voters, and the Politicians

There is one thing the media- aka, newspapers, pundits, analysts, commentators, prognosticators, anchor opinion heads / propagandists, and so on..  who do not seem to understand, but mostly refuses to accept, because of their politically motivated biased agenda's, is that the Republican Party Political Nomination process, is not a General Election.  It is a Primary contest, where many different area's and elements, are not taken into consideration, when they take their so called polls and surveys, as they try to manipulate them to no end..  There is something insidious in the media's perversion to dictate to the American People, or the Republican Voting electorate, of who to vote for, in the form of their front runner status declaration, aka, this weeks winner of their popularity contest.. instead of just reporting the news and facts, straight up forward.

First it was Romney, then Bachamnn, then Huntsman, then Pawlenty, then Perry, then Christie, then Palin, whoops, no, she quit again, for a second time.. then Herman Cain, and now Newt. 

Let's look at the candidates.. Herman Cain did ok in holding his own, in defending some of his positions on the debate stage.. but he severely lacks any world international affairs experience, let alone education, and his position in defending Israel is questionable.. And the numerous sexual harassment allegations, and newest allegation of a 13 year trist affair, has all but destroyed his campaign, for which he is will be folding up his tent, very soon, if he hasn't already.. 

As far as the rest of the Republican Party Field is concerned, they are mostly just a bunch lackluster Republican RINO's, who couldn't inspire an ant to take a hill.. to be polite about it.. Their ideas and answers, are either so far there, or are so lifeless, they make you cringe or yawn, except for Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich.. I like Michele Bachmann, but she needs to assert herself more as a leader and commander, like a Margaret Thatcher..  She lacks forcefulness.. And she needs to stop whining and complaining, as it only makes her look petty and defensive.

As far as Ron Paul goes, he has great domestc policies and ideas, which are all constitutionally based, but he's an Appeaser, an Isolationist,  and a Demilitarist, who believes that .America should be living back in the 1920's, so he's out.. 

This takes me to Romney, the steady as she goes, Republican Party RINO establishment guy himself.. But Romney is just another standard mush crony RINO, who would do more harm than good, not in a managerial style, but in the specifics of dismantling the Obama agenda, and all of regulations, laws, rules, policies, both  executive and legislatively,  in the massive bureaucracy that Obama has set up..  Romney would be not know what, let alone why, they need to be addressed, in the complete removal of all of it.  You cannot fix something, if you do not know what is broken. 
All the while he has to implement the economic recovery programs, required to stabilize the US economy, Nation and govt. debt, which is now over 15 Trillion dollars, and rising astronomically out of orbit..

And Romney's promise to repeal Obamacare, is standard hypocrisy and political lies..  He refuses to admit that his Romneycare is the same as Obamacare, and even stated that forced mandates, was a conservative cause, which is so absurd, it's laughable..  Mandates compel the people, by force of govt. threat of fine, and or imprisonment, to purchase a gpvt.  healthcare insurance product, that they do not want, and thus is absolutely unconstitutional, as it denies the American people their Freedom of Choice, which is a form of govt. legalized tyranny and oppression, especially in our democratic free market economic  enterprise system of Capitalism..  Romney's rhetoric, smacks of lies, hypocrisy, and cronyism, so much so, that I just can't stomach Romney, period.

So, this leaves Newt, who is the only one with the experience, the intelligence, the knowledge, the skill, the wherewithal, the ideas, as well as the guts, to know, see, and actually do something about the problems we are now facing, and the people who caused, and are still causing the problems, period.

Newt has issues as well, as he is not perfect, as no one is, but compared to Romney, he is so much more conservative.. And as someone who is a historian scholar of American History, as well as the former Speaker of the House, he understands the American Republic framework and system more than anyone.. Newt understands exactly what Obama has broken, and why Obama has broken it, thus is not only the most qualified to be the US President.

Which takes me to the other element in the electoral process, name of the game..  the word that seems to be used and tossed around, like a football on thanksgiving day -  "Electability"..  I disdain and dislike that word, "Electable", as it is so misused, abused, and distorted..  that people pretend that if they use it, they can seem intelligent, informative, and insightful..  which is really not the case, but is actually the opposite.

And the other factor is Primaries.. as they are extremely different from the General Election.. as you can never tell what will happen in the Primary Contests, which is the way it should be.. especially in this one coming up, for this election, will be for more than just a Republican Nominee, but who will be the future US President, and thus guide the direction of the Nation, at America's helm, back from the brink of economic collapse..  All the while, internationally, the EU and Europe implodes and financially collapses from their own massive failed socialist economic policies and corruption, on a scale not seen, since the great depression..not to mention the Middle East Iran Israeli crisis, where a regional war could erupt, and turn into WWIII, which makes this whole political cycle election, one, if not the, most important election, in US History, next to the 1860 election of Abraham Lincoln, as US President.