Friday, December 30, 2011

The GOP Establishment RINO Right's Crony Capitalism, is the Antithesis of Reaganism

The GOP Republican Party establishment RINO right, claims and pretends to be against the left, but just wants to play patsy with them, so they can compromise away every piece of our Constitutional Bill of Rights, for compromise sake, who gives away everything but the kitchen sink to the far left, just so they can claim being sensible Romney, Boehner,  McConnell moderates, just so they can appease the far left, and claim moderation, aka, weakneed gutless spineless betraying backstabbing parasitic leeches to America, the US Constitution, and the American people.  As far as I am concerned, they are worse than the far left, as at least you know where the far left stands as far as being your enemy, whereas the RINO establishment right, just stabs you in the back, as your fighting the far left..

Reaganism is all about standing firm to your principles of conservatism, free market capitalism, and the U.S. Constitution, and not compromising them, let alone abandoning them, for the sake of compromise, while implementing their insidious crony capitalism, just to claim moderate sensibility, to appease the radical far left liberals, like Boehner, McConnell, and Cantor have done..

Govt. interference, (other than standard regulations for safety, monopoly prevention measures, insider trading, etc,) are the causes of cronyism,  by Obama's bailing out and buying up of private sector companies, like GE and GM, which has created a quasi govt private sector company, which govt and politicians now have their hands in, and on, and can influence and manipulate things as they see fit, which is NOT what and how the Free Market enterprise system of Capitalism works.. Capitalism works when the govt. stays out of the private sector economy, and companies businesses, and lets the markets work on their own, via customer supply and demand..

That's exactly what Obama did, and what Romney did, and what Perry did..  Utilize crony capitalism manipulation,  within their govt. intervention.. They all allowed the govt, - State, or Federal, to hire people, and grow govt., which the question arises of who pay for it all, ie; the Tax Payers, because the govt does not create wealth and prosperity, it only takes it.. That's crony capitalism..   Instead of making the private sector economy more friendly to private investors and the markets as a whole, and allowing the free market capitalist enterprise system to work and create wealth and prosperity, from which then the govt, gets it's much needed revenues from..

Wherever there is a free market enterprise economy of capitalism, that is allowed to work and flourish, unimpeded, there will always be innovations and new technology of the future, and the ways and means to utilize that technology..  People do not make goods and services for free, they do it for a profit, which is why they call it capitalism, so that everyone benefits in the long run and long term, by becoming wealthy and prosperous, for all in involved in the economic process..  This is how America's free market economy works, and how President Reagan unleashed this free market capitalist system of the private enterprise system, in the private sector economy, by lowering taxes across the board, capital gains taxes and rates for businesses, and reduced the amount of stifling suffocating, crippling, and debilitating, unneeded govt. over regulations, that which socialist-marxist govt's love to use and maintain, in their power and control over the process and people, which made the US Economy boom in the 1980's.

This is why the Reagan-Kemp Supply side economics system and plan, works so well, and which ultimately lasted for decades..   Until the liberals destroyed it all again..  And as always, we the conservatives, constantly have to fix, what they have destroyed, in this endless cycle of conservative building of wealth and prosperity via conservative free market economy capitalism, and liberals stealing and destruction of it, which always results in a massive recession and inflation, and now even worse, Obama's socialist-marxist communist manifesto of wealth redistribution, and the tearing down of the American US Constitutional laws, as well as the US Economy, thus the American way of life and dream, that has made America the greatest nation on earth..