Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Democrats vs. Democracy"

The conspiratorial full concerted effort, by the Liberal Establishment, of Obama and his crony henchmen, and his army of Anti-American Liberal Socialist-Marxist politicians in Washington DC, plus the Liberal Mass Media and Hollywood, and the Street organizations like the Unions of SEIU, AFL-CIO, Teamsters, as well as the ACLU, NOW, NAACP, and so on, have all combined in a concerted effort, to destroy the Truth, to destroy the People, to destroy the U.S. Constitution, Capitalism, the Free Market Enterprise system,America and Democracy itself, in their plan to completely Bankrupt the Nation, and destroy the value of the US Dollar, with massive amounts of unsustainable and unpayable Debt, causing complete economic collapse, and unleashing their useful idiots on the streets, to cause chaos and havoc, disrupting the system, and normal workings of Society.
The Anti-American radical far leftwing Liberal Socialist Marxist Union useful idiot motto is; "If you can't beat'em at the Polls on Election Day, Harass'em, intimidate'em, threaten'em, get physically violent, and beat them up, in the Capitol State House, when they Vote.. and threaten their lives, and their Families lives.. That will show'em how Anti-American radical Liberal Obamacratic Union Thug StormTrooper Democracy works".

This is what it is all about, Control. And they know that they have the vehicle, power, and tools to do all of this, especially when they know  they are their most powerful position, at any time in American History.

Obama wants this, as he is part of the conspiracy plan to overthrow the American govt. and the Nation's Economic system, internally.. And who is their to stop them..The Patriotic American Tea Party People, are the only ones who are a threat to them, in our current Democratic system of governance..

We the people, use the only vehicle and means, we currently have at our disposal, ourselves and the internet and our ability as a grass toots people movement, to organize and protest..  But they, the inherently violent, radical hard left, are extremely expert in and good at, destroying the very image and perception of the Truth, and the American People who stand up for, and defend the Truth, aka, Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy itself..

This is a real Political Civil War, and it is going to get even worse, with every passing day that goes by, until 6 Nov. 2012, with violence in the streets, and even in innocent people's homes..

The question is, will, or can, the Patriotic American People, stand up to these powerful Enemies of America, the US Constitution, and of the American People, and fight off and fight back, against these forces of Tyranny and Oppression, and save America and the US Constitution, from total destruction.. This is the question, that can only be answered in time.. But, looking at it from the current situation, it does not look good.. In fact, it looks like General George Washington, right before the victory at Valley Forge.. 

If America is to be saved, and restored, All Patriotic American People must acknowledge the fight that they are in, whether they know it, like it, or not.. or we will we end up like the old USSR, Cuba, North Korea, China, etc., with an Oppressive and Tyrannical Totalitarian Regime Govt.. Or worse.. Or will we restore the U.S. Republic of America, and the U.S. Constitution, as the Law of the Land, to it's proper status and place..

Unfortunately, the situation seems all to grave at this point in time, as the apathy and lethargic attitude of many Americans, especially of those who have neither wherewithal to discern the seriousness of the situation, nor do they even care, as they most probably believe the lies, instead of the truth.. This is a national political and social crisis and emergency, that we must prevail over..

The Democrats of old, are no longer, now replaced by the more radical hard line socialist-marxist leftists, with Obama as their Stalinist-in-Chief.

These American Declaration of Independence words, are the very spirit and embodiment of America, and the American People's fight for Individual Freedom and Liberty, and must once again resonate within each American person's heart and soul, as it does in every Tea Party Patriotic person in America. -

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

As President Ronald Reagan said-

"Democracy and Freedom must be defended with each Generation, for if not, it will surely perish