Sunday, December 25, 2011

Congressional Politicians, The People, and The Republic

 Washington DC, ie; congressional politicians, has turned it into a congressional of house of political corruption, in our supposed representative democratic republic, where they, the Obamacratic anti-American secular progressive liberals, aka, socialist-marxist communists, along with their colluding buddies on the opposite side of the political aisle, the spineless weak kneed Republican Party RINO elitists, who rule as an indignant arrogant  aristocracy, also called the permanent political class, for which the Voters, aka, the ordinary American people, have little to no say in any matters for which they partake in, to satisfy their political agenda, personal monetary gain, and their greed and lust for power and influence..  And with the help and assist of the liberal MSM and press, they are a formidable force of self-destruction, of and to, our democratic free way of life, and to our individual freedom and liberty, along with the U.S. Constitution itself.

This is what and where we are now at with these people, and it is only the emergence of the Patriotic American Tea Party folks, that have been able to stop them in their tracks, temporarily..  At least until the 6 Nov. 2012 election, where we will either completely finish he job we started on 2 Nov. 2010, or we will forever lose everything that the Founding Fathers set up, in our Republic Nation called America.

People like Obama will be swept away in the 6 Nov. 2012 general election, but whom will we put in his place, is the key question..  And the other question is, if we can secure enough Tea Party Constitutional Conservatives in Congress, to refortify the already elected Tea Party conservative members, from 2 Nov. 2010 mid-term election, can we remove that spineless weak kneeded gutless Republican Party RINO John Boehner as Speaker, who has no qualms about giving away all of of our Rights and Freedoms, in the U.S. Constitution's "Bill of Rights", one piece at a time, to these radical anti-American Obamacratic parasitic socialist-marxist leeches, for their beloved sake of compromise, in their collusion with them..  and place an actual constitutional Tea Party conservative in his place..  Let's hope so, for the very survival of America as a true Democratic Republic, in which it's elected officials, who are actually responsive to the Will of the Majority of the electorate, aka, the people, is at stake, and nothing less.. 

This is the place and time, where America and it's governing body, is either controlled by "We the People", as in the words of President Abraham Lincoln-  Govt. "Of the People, By the People, For the People", shall not perish from this earth", or is forever lost to political corruption, greed, graft, and perversion of the very ideals of Democracy, Freedom, and Liberty, as our Founding Father's had given us, and as so depicted in Plato's Republic. 

Ultimately, it is up to the people, and if the people let it die, then they deserve what they get, another form of dictatorship of tyranny and oppression,  where the people are plundered, looted, and raped of all of their Rights, Freedoms, Liberties, Wealth, and Property.. 

This is consequences of elections, that are the responsibility of the people, in a Democracy, when ultimately, if the people do not take their responsibility in their Democratic system of Representative Democracy seriously, this is what they can lose- everything, ie; their Freedom, which is everything..  for if they, or we, do not have Freedom and Liberty, we have nothing..  for if you do not have your Freedom, everything after that is meaningless.